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חתונה של דם

Wedding of blood

The show premiered at Tel Aviv University’s University Theater.

The production was supported by the Hadas Dror Memorial production fund.

Text Federico García Lorca

Translation Doron Tavory

Direction Mor Leedor

Set design Shmulik Davidson

Light design Yoav Barel

Custom design Mariela Piwnica

Original Music Ivana Kis

Cast Iftach Ophir, Flora Bloch, Shahar Raz, Yael Finkel, Bahat Calatchi, Yarden Gilboa, Irit Gidron, Diana Abramov, Neta Levit, Hezi Saddik, Gilad Jerusalmy, Noam Rubinstein

On her wedding day the bride takes her ex-fiancé Leonardo and escapes with him to the forest. The bridegroom's mother sends her son to chase after them and prove his manhood. The chase after them into the forest endangers his life.

The play begins with a mother giving her son a knife. It is a look at a society in which death is a unifying, comforting and calming factor. In such a society bereaved women have great power. They have exclusive hold on bereavement: the more a woman has lost the greater her power in society. The women preserve the state of war, they are willing to sacrifice the men, but they will never be killed for this war. It is an indictment of a society where a good mother is a mother who sacrifices her son. A society where the individual who wishes to cling to life is perceived as threatening.

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