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The potato compound

מתחם התפודים

The show premiered at Tel Aviv University’s University Theater in 2019.

Text Georges Perec

Direction and choreography Mor Leedor

Set and Costumes design Alexandra Sasha Podalov

Light design Gili Ben Zeev

Original Music Hever Perlmuter

Cast Tamar Oron, Daniel Beloglovsky, Elizabeth Vaisman, Aviv Gilboa (Cohen Ginosar), Carmel Rosenthal, Michaela Strauss.

Five people are trapped in a nondescript place and do not know why they are there. They don't know why they need to continue peeling potatoes. They are trying to find out. A play about the absurdity of existence, the futile search for meaning and logic in our daily actions.

"To live means to move from one space to the next, while making the maximum effort not to crash." From Georges Perec’s "Species of Spaces and Other Pieces."

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