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The center out there

 המרכז אי שם 

Concept and choreography Mor Leedor

Guides Amit Hadari, Mor Leedor, Moshe Schechter Avshalom

Sound design Sharon Gabay

Costume design SISTER M

Audio guide speakers: Prof. Jackie Feldman, Yisca Harani,

Prof. Assaf Pinkus, Dr. Salwa Alinat Abed, Dr. Dani Schrire,

Prof. Daniella Talmon-Heller, Dr. Gili Merin, Prof. Ora Limor,

Dr. Daphna Ben-Shaul, Prof. Eran Neuman, Prof. Nurit Stadler,

Dr. Liora Sarfati, Prof. Muhammad Al-Atawneh

"The Center Out There" is an urban walking event with earphones. Three groups will be directed to Tel Aviv Museum of Art from three meeting points in the city, inspired by pilgrimage routes. On their way to the Museum, participants wearing their headphones will hear more than they ever wanted to know about pilgrimages in various cultures, various eras, throughout the world. They will then assemble at the Museum piazza and enter. And then….

The public is invited to join the group walks. Please wear white shirts and comfortable walking shoes; walking duration is about 1 hour.

The performance premiered as a part of The Square – Towards New Alliances artist residency, first of its kind, that offers artists time throughout Tel Aviv Museum of Art for purposes of research, observation, wandering, wondering, formulating ideas or meeting with other artists. It focuses on the links between artists and the institute that exhibits them, the mutual commitment between the museum and the creative community, the history of these relations, and their future.

Artistic directors Ruth Direktor, Dana Yahalomi

Resident artists Hillel Roman / Noa Dar and Michal Samama /

Mor Leedor / Ofri Cnaani / Sarai Kirshner

 המרכז אי שם 
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