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Teaching & Workshops

Mor Leedor workshop classes are tailored to the participants requests and capability as well as their time frame.
The workshops are intended for dancers, actors, directors, choreographers, people that have interest in movement, office workers, children of all ages, people with special needs  and more. There are many plans to choose from varying from a one time consultation class or a full on one year course.


In each meeting we focus on the development of physical presence.
In addition, our workshop enhances the understanding of basic concepts of space: composition, time and rhythm. 
We will work on personal movement: move our body and notice the different qualities in movement, different ways to interact with space and the relationships our body has with it. We shall delve into the art of spatial movement such as: entering and exiting the stage, static and dynamic positioning, orchestration of various rhythms of movements, single vs. many, Unison combos, solo performances and more. We will develop basic terminology and how to communicate ideas to other actors, dancers, performers and colleagues.  
Each class consists of three parts: a warm-up based on various dance and movement techniques, improvisation exercises, by which we learn to build complex mise-en-scenes and personal exercises giving the freedom to all participants to develop his or her movement language.


Mor Leedor is a teacher of movement at Tel Aviv university

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