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A Monument should be a place of life, not death

אנדרטה צריכה להיות מקום של חיים ולא של מוות

Concept, Direction, and guidance Mor Leedor

A group journey beginning at the bottom of the Negev Brigade monument and leading the participants to, through and inside the Negev Brigade Monument. Like the landscape, so too are the participants both observers and observed, audience and performers.

The pilgrimage to the monument offers an experience of group movement through Dani Karavan's democratic piece. Through actions, different suggestions of movement and texts by researchers, as well as by Karavan himself, the audience will experience the materials from which Karavan’s works are made: “the materials of nature and memories.”

A site-specific work at the Negev Brigade Monument created in honor of the one year anniversary of Dani Karavan's death.

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