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Body, Street

גוף ברחוב

A joint work with Ido Bornstein as part of the Kan 2019 festival of Ensemble Kan.


Concept and direction Ido Bornstein and Mor Leedor


Text Giora Simchoni, Esti Cohen, Maya Offir Magnat, Amazia Bonar and More…


Sound design Kobi Vitman


Voice and performance Shay Geebre Ashkenazi, Zohar Meidan

A headphone tour in the Florentine neighborhood

Tel Aviv residents’ stories of sexual experiences in the public sphere are reconstructed in the voices and with the guidance of actors. Participants go through the neighborhood's small allies while the erotic stories are whispered in their ears.


A tour surrounding the body, desire and sexuality on the street. How does the public sphere infiltrate intimacy, and what parts of intimacy are public?


Ensemble Can



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