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Mor leedor

Mor Leedor is a creator in the performing arts.

After studying at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and graduating Haifa’s Contemporary Dance Workshop, she participated in a few independent projects and began her B.A in the Tel Aviv University Theater department. Falling in love with the world of theater she began directing and graduated with an MFA in Theater Direction at TAU.

She was promptly invited to teach at the theater department in TAU and continues to teach movement for theater to BA and MFA students.

In her linguistics research and the search for abstract form in the written word she focused her creative processes around radio-plays and the gatherings of people around a live creation,  culminating in the direction and writing of radio plays and the production of a live radio station in a couple of theaters.

Her recent endeavors aim to bring to light the connection between sound, space, culture and the city. Her recent work, "The Center Out There", saw the amalgamation of all four motifs in the inter-city pilgrimage to the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts.

For the past ten years Mor has been working with people with disabilities in multiple non-profit organizations.

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